Precision Bookkeeping wants to help you maximize your PROFITS through EXCELLENT bookkeeping!

*P* rofessionalism:  Mature, dependable and experienced.
*R* eliability:  Reporting that is accurate and useful.
*O* rganization:  Records organized to meet your needs.
*F* lexibility:  Packages for any business, any budget.
*I*  ntegrity:  Service is strictly confidential.
*T* imeliness:  Save yourself unnecessary penalties.
*S* avings:  Reasonable rates for outstanding service.

Precision Bookkeeping can turn your shoebox into a well-organized filing system that is both easy to use and ready for tax time!  Find out how spending money can SAVE you money!  Precision Bookkeeping is happy to set you up with a personalized spreadsheet system for tracking income & expenses or qualified to set up and maintain your books using Quickbooks, online or on your desktop!  Discounts available for new Quickbooks users.